Monday, 31 July 2006: 7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Diplomat (Omni Shoreham Hotel)
Informal Symposium: Episodes in the History of Insect Sociobiology
Insect sociobiology is a very different creature from what it was a generation ago, having flourished and radiated as never before. Accordingly, much of the important history of our discipline is very much in living memory. This informal conference brings together five individuals who were both participants and observers in diverse key developments. The intention is to provide first-person accounts to enrich our understanding of how sociobiology became what it now is.
7:00 PMHow Social Insects Met Evolutionary Genetics
Ross H. Crozier
7:20 PMHow Ants Became Model Systems of Reproductive Conflict
Jacobus J. Boomsma
7:40 PMHow the Superorganism Came Back to Sociobiology
Thomas D. Seeley
8:00 PMHow the University of Kansas "Bee Lab" Made a Difference
Penelope A. Kukuk
8:20 PMHow Stings and Venom Became Part of Sociobiology
Justin O. Schmidt
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