Tuesday, 1 August 2006: 1:30 PM-6:00 PM
Palladian (Omni Shoreham Hotel)
Symposium 8: Building behavior and the control of climate in social insects
The aim of this symposium is to cover different aspects of building behavior in socials insects, from its evolutionary origins to its consequences for nest climate and colony development. Topics to be discussed span from mechanistic analyses of building rules (both individual and collective), behavioural responses to climate-relevant environmental variables, effects of nest architecture on colony growth, to theoretical approaches aimed at understanding the organization of collective building.
1:30 PMThe control of nest climate in leaf-cutting ants: environmental factors as organizing cues for building behavior
Martin Bollazzi, Flavio Roces
1:50 PMThe effect of relative humidity on rate of nest construction in Polybia occidentalis
Robert L. Jeanne
2:10 PMNets architecture and temperature fluctuation in wood ant (Formica polyctena) in Northern and Central Europe
Jan Frouz
2:30 PMModeling dynamic thermal structure of imported fire ant mounds
James T. Vogt, Bradley Wallet
2:50 PMGlycerol in nest material of red imported fire ants
Jian Chen
3:10 PMBreak
3:40 PMThe biological significance of Magnetic Termite mounds
Anna M. Schmidt, Judith Korb
4:00 PMEmergent Homeostasis and Mound Morphogenesis in Nests of /MACROTERMES/ TERMITES
J. Scott Turner
4:20 PMNest thermoregulation in the wild honey bee Apis florea
Julia C. Jones, Benjamin P. Oldroyd
4:40 PMVariation of thermal requirements for development, habitat preferences and nest temperature along a latitudinal cline in Myrmica ants
Elena Lopatina, Vladilen Kipyatkov
5:00 PMResponse thresholds to rising and falling temperatures in brood-tending Camponotus ants
Flavio Roces, Jasmin Yousif
5:20 PMDo Sugar Fluids in the Diet of Laboratory Colonies of the Ant Myrmica rubra L. Effect Colony Growth and Nest Architecture?
Elizabeth J.M. Evesham
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