Thursday, 3 August 2006: 1:30 PM-6:00 PM
Congressional (Omni Shoreham Hotel)
Symposium 18: Genes, genomics and social biology
Identifying the genes, molecules and networks that underlie social behavior and social organization is a challenging problem. In the last several years, several groups have addressed this issue in social Hymenoptera (bees, ants and wasps) and Isoptera (termites) using a combination of genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and genomics. Additionally, the recent sequencing of the honeybee genome has generated a powerful new tool for social biologists. Not only does it promote molecular studies in the honeybee, but it also facilitates and simplifies comparative molecular studies in other social Hymenoptera and perhaps even in Isoptera. This symposium should provide a nice forum to share these exciting findings. Furthermore, it will enhance collaboration and lead to the generation of a possible common roadmap in this niche of the IUSSI research community.
Organizers:John Wang
Laurent Keller
Guy Bloch
Toru Miura
1:30 PMMitochondrial Genomics of Subterranean Termites
Tracie M. Jenkins
1:50 PMGene expression analysis during caste differentiation in the damp-wood termite Perspective for genome-wide analysis
Shigeyuki Koshikawa, Toru Miura
2:10 PMGenomics on nutritional symbiotic-systems of termites improvement of reverse genetic methods
Hirofumi Watanabe, Gaku Tokuda
2:30 PMTermite genomics: Present knowledge and future directions
Srini Kambhampati
2:50 PMGene Networks, Uncertainty, and Behavior
Ralph J. Greenspan
3:10 PMThe ecdysteroid-signaling in the mushroom bodies of the honeybee brain and the honeybee social behaviors
Takeo Kubo, Yurika Yamazaki, Kenichi Shirai, Rajib Kumar Paul, Taketoshi Kiya, Yuko Uno, Tomoko Fujiyuki, Akiko Wakamoto, Mizue Morioka, Takekazu Kunieda, Hideaki Takeuchi
3:30 PMBreak
4:00 PMA deficit of detoxification enzymes and eusociality in the honey bee
Charles Claudianos, Hilary Ranson, Reed M. Johnson, Sunita Biswas, Mary A. Schuler, Alexandre dos Santos Cristino, May R. Berenbaum, Rene Feyereisen, John G. Oakeshott
4:20 PMMolecular underpinnings of socially modulated plasticity in circadian rhythms in the honey bee Apis mellifera
Guy Bloch, Yair Shemesh, Elad Rubin, Mira Cohen
4:40 PMGenomic dissection of behavioral maturation in the honey bee
Charles W. Whitfield, Yehuda Ben Shahar, Charles Brillet, Isabelle Leoncini, Didier Crauser, Yves LeConte, Sandra Rodriguez Zas, Gene E. Robinson
5:00 PMGenomic analysis of ant colony behavior
John Wang, Stephanie Jemielity, Paolo Uva, Yannick Wurm, Laurent Keller
5:20 PMTowards a molecular definition of worker sterility: differential gene expression and reproductive plasticity in honey bees
Graham J. Thompson, Robert Kucharski, Ryszard Maleszka, Benjamin P. Oldroyd
5:40 PMTask selection and protein kinase G expression in fire ants
Robert Renthal, Daniel Velasquez, Aaron Cassill, Surendranath Baliji, Garry Sunter
Sponsor:Invited Symposia Presentations

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