Monday, 31 July 2006: 1:30 PM-6:00 PM
Diplomat (Omni Shoreham Hotel)
Symposium 3: Molecular and hormonal signaling pathways in caste development and reproduction
Recent large-scale genomics projects, as well as specific studies on gene expression and hormonal regulation are revitalizing one of the oldest questions in social insect biology, that is, which are the proximate mechanisms that control and direct the development of caste phenotypes, their differential reproduction, and their division of labor. The aim of this symposium is to present novel approaches in an attempt to synthesize the emerging perspectives on developmental regulation and reproductive physiology.
Organizer:Klaus Hartfelder
1:30 PMThe evolutionary and developmental genetic basis underlying wing polyphenism in ants
Ehab Abouheif, Marcos Nahmad, Rajendhran Rajakumar, Leon Glass
1:50 PMEvolution of the gene network underlying wing development in worker sub-castes in the genus Pheidole
Mischa Dijkstra, Ehab Abouheif
2:10 PMAllatostatin regulation of juvenile hormone synthesis in the termite Reticulitermes flavipes
Barbara Stay, Koichiro J. Yagi, Karen L. Elliott, Stephen S. Tobe
2:30 PMMolecular influences of juvenile hormone on Reticulitermes caste differentiation
Michael E. Scharf, Xuguo Zhou
2:50 PMJuvenile hormone and caste differentiation in the damp-wood termite Hodotermopsis sjostedti: histological and molecular approaches focused on the soldier differentiation
3:10 PMAllatotropic peptides and intracellular signal transduction in honeybee corpora allata
Anna Rachinsky
3:30 PMBreak
4:00 PMExpression of insulin pathway genes during the period of caste determination in the honey bee, Apis mellifera
Diana Wheeler, Norman Buck, Jay D. Evans
4:20 PMGene expression and caste differentiation in Apis mellifera
Angel Roberto Barchuk, Robert Kucharski, Alexandre Dos Santos Cristino, Zilá Luz Paulino Simões, Ryszard Maleszka
4:40 PMExpression profiling in castes of the stingless bee Melipona quadrifasciata
Carla C. Judice, Gonçalo A. G. Pereira, Klaus Hartfelder
5:00 PMAn AFLP analysis on the genetic predisposition to caste in the stingless bee Melipona quadrifasciata
Gustavo R. Makert, Robert J. Paxton, Klaus Hartfelder
5:20 PMThe reproduction capacity of Apis mellifera viewed from a genome wide perspective
Zilá L.P. Simões III, Márcia MG Bitondi, Karina R. Guidugli, Carlos H. Lobo, Aline M. Santos
5:40 PMEndocrine sensitivity and pleiotropic regulation of honey bee life history
Gro V. Amdam, Kari-Anne Nilsen, Kari Norberg, M. Kim Fondrk, Klaus Hartfelder
Sponsor:Invited Symposia Presentations

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